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All our booths can be tailored to your desired look, we can create backgrounds and templates specifically for you. But sometimes the classics are the best answer. The Gatsby look is a real favourite giving you that 1920’s look with prints, guestbooks and even your USB drive.

Booths2u Gatsby Package

Gatsby photobooth setup
Gatsby Photo Booth reviews

We also offer a wide range of corporate hire packages and can personalise everything from prints to the interior and exterior booth skins. 

Short term daily hire or multiple day & location hire.

Why hire a Booths2u photo booth for your business???  
Our photo booths make a great talking point at any event and the prints produced provide the ultimate business card for your company that won't get thrown away! All images can also be directly uploaded to your Facebook account creating a real buzz. The end result is a more effective marketing campaign with a longer lasting impact due to the continued visual reference for your client.

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